What an Auto Detailing Service for SoHo Drivers Includes

Auto Detailing Service sohoYou may already know that getting your car detailed is one of the best ways to not only retain its value but also keep it fun to drive. You’ll maintain that new car feeling no matter its age. But do you know all of the work that goes into an auto detailing service? Learn more to see why it has such a transformative effect on your car and so you can decide whether this valuable treatment is right for your vehicle.

Exterior Care

Getting your car detailed starts with more than a simple car wash. Your vehicle gets a 2-bucket wash with microfiber cleaning cloths, specialty brushes and microfiber drying towels. An auto detailer cleans the body, wheels and hubcaps, door jambs and exterior glass surfaces, followed by a clay bar treatment in some cases. 

Interior Care

All interior surfaces are wiped down with the appropriate plastic, vinyl or leather cleaning solution. Seats are removed and vacuumed and shampooed or wiped down. Floor mats are removed and brushed clean, then washed. The carpet is shampooed and vacuumed, too, and the interior auto glass is washed and dried. Your auto tech has a full suite of brushes, combs and vacuum attachments for a thorough clean. 

Protectants for Beauty and Longevity

The interior and exterior of your car receive finishing applications to shield them from UV damage, fading and discoloration. Interior leather surfaces are treated with leather conditioners. Your car gets waxed and buffed, and tire shine is applied to complete the like-new appearance of your car. 

Are You Interested in Auto Detailing Service Near SoHo?

Final Finish Auto Salon is a locally owned, full-service auto salon that offers reconditioning, auto detailing, ceramic coating, paint protection and repair services. Our professional technicians offer more than just auto window tinting services, though; they’re experienced at home window tinting services, too. Contact us for an auto detailing service that elevates the look and feel of your vehicle and makes driving enjoyable again. 

Premium Auto Detailing Services for SoHo Drivers Who Value Their Cars

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