Keep Your Vehicle Looking Good After Car Detailing in Seattle

car-detailing seattleAuto detailing is one of the best ways to show your car a little TLC. Whether you want to simply refresh it for your own driving enjoyment or expect to sell your car someday soon, getting this special treatment can transform your vehicle and restore its comfort and good looks. Once the auto technician finishes though, you might be wondering how to keep this new look. Here’s how to take care of your vehicle after car detailing

Protect It From the Elements

Avoid parking under trees or in direct sunlight to shield your car from falling debris and harmful ultraviolet light rays. Wind blowing dust around can scratch your car, so try to park it in a spot that offers some interference from the weather if you don’t have a garage or carport you can use.  

Wash It Carefully

Use a gentle soap that’s formulated for washing cars. Microfiber cloths offer greater protection than rags or sponges when it comes to avoiding scratches. Talk to your professional auto tech about the finishing products you can use at home between detailing or after the application of special coatings to preserve their effectiveness.

Develop Good Habits of General Upkeep

Taking regular care of your vehicle helps maintain its cleanliness and peak condition. Clean the window glass and mirrors, and vacuum or wipe down the interior upholstery. Wipe down interior surfaces with a microfiber cloth to lift dust and grime. Vacuum out the floors and trunk, and wash and wipe the tires thoroughly. 

Want Expert Car Detailing Services in the Seattle Area?

Final Finish Auto Salon is a locally owned business dedicated to keeping your car’s appearance as good as it can be. From auto detailing to protection and repair services like reconditioning, paint protection film and ceramic coating, drivers trust us to improve the look and lifespan of their vehicle. We also offer precision window tinting services for automotive, residential and commercial customers. When you’re ready for car detailing and need to know how to best care for your vehicle afterward, contact us for expert assistance. 

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