Top Tips for Tinted Window Care for Queen Anne Area Drivers

tinted window care queen anneTinted windows offer your vehicle a polished look while also giving you greater privacy and protecting the interior of your car from sun damage. Using these reliable tinted window care tips keeps the film looking professional for years and avoids unsightly damage that can’t be easily repaired. Discover the best way to maintain your investment in your car.

Use Gentle Cleaners and Cloths

Harsh or abrasive cleaners scratch window tinting films. Read the labels on any cleansers you plan on using, and especially avoid anything made with ammonia. Instead, hand wash and dry your car windows with soft microfiber cloths.

Avoid Commercial Car Washes

The steamy conditions of a commercial car wash can interfere with the adhesion and performance of your window tinting, especially if you visit one before the adhesive has cured. Stiff bristles of the commercial cleaning brushes may also leave scratches on the film

Skip Using Sharp Objects On Your Windows

If you usually use any kind of scrapers or similar objects to lift debris, grime or even ice from your windows, you’ll want to find something softer. Any kind of hard-edged tool that’s dragged along the treated window can mar the film, leaving it scratched or pitted. In some cases, you may even end up driving grit into the surface of the film. 

Talk to Your Local Tinted Window Care Experts Near Queen Anne

Final Finish Auto Salon uses only premium window tinting products for automotive, residential and commercial installation. Our highly experienced team works closely with our customers to provide top-quality auto detailing and reconditioning services. We also apply paint protection film and ceramic coating for drivers dedicated to preserving their car’s good looks for years of driving enjoyment. When you’re ready to accent your car with quality window tinting, contact us for an appointment to learn more about our tinted window care

Dedicated Installation and Tinted Window Care for Queen Anne Drivers

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